Security Filter to Limit USEREMAIL() views of data


I am struggling to find out how to customize the view of a certain data table depending on USEREMAIL.

The data table I am using lists objects, and each object may have multiple owners. I am trying to make it to where each owner can only see the objects in which they have ownership. I have an OWNERS column where I list each USEREMAIL separated by a comma (",")–and I have tried the CONTAINS([Owners], USEREMAIL()) function in the security filter, but this only works if the useremail is listed FIRST in the list of owners.

Is there a function that will allow me to search for USEREMAIL in a list of text, rather than only searching for the true single value of a useremail?

Sorry if this sounds confusing I’m confusing myself just typing this–any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Please show evidence how it only works in that case. CONTAINS() should not be constrained like that.

It’d be better to hold your “owners” list as a List type. Try the EnumList column type for a Real column. Then you can use IN().


I agree.

Shoot–I reloaded things and must have just had something entered incorrectly before…it DID end up working how I imaged it should. Thanks guys!

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