Security filter vs slice filter

Hello community
I wonder what is the diference between using the security filter in the data options or the security filter in the slice option.
In my case i was using [year] = YEAR(TODAY()) first in the security filter but then realize that i can achieve the same on the slice option, so my cuestion is, is there any disadvantage in using the slice filter vs the security filter, may be regarding sync speed?


Security filter filters the data on Appsheet’s server where the slice is happening on your device. That means the user is not able to have that data when the app is using security filter. When you are using slice, the user is able to see the data even the view is not showing it directly. Security filter is secured, slice is not.


Should it be faster using the security filter instead of slice?

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Yes because your app needs to sync less data from the server to your mobile device.