Security filter with condition for th username


I have 2 diferente tables
1.- Incumplimientos
2.- Colaboradores

I wan to do a security filter in the Incumplimientos table in my app, but the condition is the following: I only want the managers to ONLY see that table in the app, so in my colaboradores table I have columns with the emails of all the people who work in the company with their emails and their jod grade, so I only want the people who have >3 in their column GRADO to see the Incumplimientos table.

I was using LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), COLABORADORES, EMAIL, GRADO) > 3, but it is not working

May I ask what was the result and it isn’t working in what way?

I ask someone who wasnt in the data of my colaboradores table to enter the app and to check if he could see the Incumplimientos in my app and he said yes

Try to use… IN(USEREMAIL(),SELECT(Colaboradores[EMAIL],[Grado]>3))

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