Security Filter with Referenced Tables

I have a table with a security filter that only shows the row that matches USEREMAIL()

In that row I have a column that is used as a reference for multiple tables with views. In those other tables and views I only want the user to see rows that are ref to the original row that the user is linked to.

How would I accomplish that? Would I use a slice on all the other tables? Another security filter? Make the original security filter more complex?

You could use the already filtered table for that purpose like…

Because the original table is already filtered with Security filter, it will find just those references that still exists.


Sorry, I’m not following and I don’t think I explained it the right way.

I have a user table that has a column name [Company] that a user represents.
I have Company table that my other tables all reference [Company]
When my user looks at any of the tables or views I create, I want them to only see the data that belongs to the [Company] they represent.

Does that make sense?

So you would set a Security Filter or a Slice for each table with the condition that @Aleksi descibed. Assuming each table had a [Customer] column, then each table will use the same condition:

IN( [Company] , Users[Company] )



That’s it! Thank you so much!