Security filter

Hi everyone
I have this formula in a security filter,
AND(CONTAINS(IFS( [UserSelect]=”Rampa 1” , LEFT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])-1), [UserSelect]=”Rampa 2” ,RIGHT([RAMPA],FIND("/",[RAMPA])+1), [UserSelect]=”Both” , [Rampa])
, LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),RAMPE,EMAIL,UTENTI)), OR([status]=“open”, [status]=“closed”,[status]=""))

everything works but I would like to change it:
I would like to remove “both” so I don’t need it and I can add more RAMP 1.2, even RAMP 3.
thank you

I’ve realized that this one is the 4th, may be even the 5th time you are posting the same. And I believe your issue is either totally not understandable or not clear enough on what you’re trying to achieve.

Maybe four… Too bad it seems quite clear

It’s quite in communication that the degree of understandability of what you are trying to explain is in fact what correspondent or other party might be able to understand. Frankly, provided you had felt yourself urged to post the same thing 4 times but still couldn’t be able to receive a reply, than there’s a strong probability that your request might not be so clear though you think the opposite. Provided you can elaborate your issue, I would like to help. Thanks.

Thanks for the availability … in the afternoon I try again and try to be clearer unfortunately English is not my language and I’m using a translator

Thanks @francesco_cannone. Try to be as simple as possible please. Think it as “Dummies Guide - How To” :slight_smile: It might be more clear and easier than trying to translate complex wording as well :slight_smile: Await for your input.