Security Filtering

I am using the timesheet template. Several Contractors are working in the application. A signed in contractor via their email address can see only the records of their employees. This works fine.
I was asked to allow another user for the same contractor’s company to see the company’s data but as read only. How do i get different email addresses to link to a company and see its records?

Team, -TeamId, Company, email
employees, - Empid, Name, TeamID, status
appuser, - AppuserID, Name, Company, Email, Role
roles - RoleID, Role

I want to filter the timesheet records by TeamID, based on useremail

The many-to-many security situation requires one or more “bridge” tables in appsheet, whose only purpose is to link AppSheet keys. So, many employees can (but are not required to) see many teams, right? Although unrelated to your industry, here is a school app that does the same basic thing: many teachers, many parents, many students, many classes, etc:

It’s somewhat of an overkill app if all you want is one bridge table, in which case I recommend searching this forum for the phrase “bridge table” - some great hits come up.

I hope this is the question you were asking after and that this helps!