Security Filters ? My security filters do no...

(James W Rezin) #1

Security Filters ?

My security filters do not seem to be working.

I have the App open in three different Browsers so that I can test them.

I have entered 1 record and the filter should let me see the record only in the Browser I used to enter the record (As that user Email).

However the record can be seen also by the Other two Users. The Filter set as: OR(AND(USEREMAIL()=[E_MAIL],USEREMAIL()=[ASSIGNED TO]),USEREMAIL()=[ASSIGNER])

The users that entered the record complies with the And element of the Criteria, The other two users so not comply with any of the Criteria.

I have a Premium subscription

Any suggestions?

(Steven Coile) #2

In Data > Tables, go to the table with the security filter and click View Data. The data presented here should reflect the filter. Does it look as expected?

(James W Rezin) #3

The table only has one record and it shows me the record in the Editor and it shows in the app when signed in with the First user email address and is correct.

The second and subsequent users, when they log in should not see the data but they do.