Security Filters - switch to "no filter" if logic statement isnt true

Another small puzzle:

Is there any way for me to do the following in Security filters:


If the Users email contains the text “Enumerator” then the value in the column [enteredby] should be equal to users email. If not then no filter should be applied.

I use the following:


However if Useremail doesnt contain “Enumerator” I want no filter applied and all data can pass.

The reason I want this is that I restrict data later in slices however I want to restrict what is synched to the enumerator phones.

At leaset IF(Contains(Useremail(),“Enumerator”),[enteredby]=Useremail(),TRUE) should work.

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Hi Aleksi,

The “TRUE” was what I needed. Once again my appreciation!

You’re welcome