Security Filters

Hello everyone, I would like to know if using a publisher pro license of 50 usd I can use the security filter function ?, where the filter for example can be a city or a specific charge?

I’m afraid you are not allowed to use security filter with the Publisher Pro plan. Though you can use an option called “Filter out all existing rows?”. You can find that option under table’s definition but that is probably not what you are looking for.

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Hi @Aleksi,

i have a question, When activating this function in a “Filter out all existing rows?” table, the data is not displayed, but the application loads the data? It works similar to a security filter that does not allow data entry to the application, but if it loads it to the table?

@FREDY_ORTEGON In generally you can think that it works in a same way than a security filter if you type FALSE. You can enter a record, but when you sync, all data from that table is filtered by the server. That’s why you or whoever user is not able to see the data from that table.