Security fliter expression

Hi there!
I had 2 tables table 1 and table 2.
In table 1 there is a column [Proyecto] that is a Ref, in table 2 there is 2 columns [Proyecto] that is a Ref and [email] that is the column for the emails that can log in into the App.
What I need to do, is to filter the view of table 1 for each user that matches in table 2 the same value of column [Proyecto] form table 1.

This is the formula that I try in security filters and is not working.

Try flipping [email]=USEREMAIL():

IN([Proyecto], SELECT(Usuarios[Proyecto], (USEREMAIL() = [email])))

Still not working…

I have the same issue- I use CONTAINS instead of IN and it works

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Thank you verry mutch! it´s working

Another question.
How about if I need to do the same but with more columns?
Eg: in table 1 there is [1],[2] and [3] columns, each column has unique text values in there cells eg: for [1] is Hello or N/A, for [2] is Goodby or N/A, and for [3] is Hola or N/A. Then in table 2 there is 1 column [1.1] that could have in there cells equal text values Hello or Goodby or Hola or N/A.
What kind of expression do I need to have a filter condition that shows only the rows in table 2 that matches the same text values regarding the columns in table 1?