Security Rounds With QR Code

Good morning all :slight_smile:

I discovered Appsheet a few weeks ago and it really is an AMAZING tool !!
I’m building an electronic handrail (I’m not sure Google translated correctly … An app that will record all the events of a security service)

So the idea would be to create security rounds with QR codes at sensitive points.
The app should be able to tell if all the points have been scanned.

How could I build the thing? I thought about using the same system as the inventories …?

Thanks in advance !!

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Hi ! Thank you for your answer. the thing is that I suddenly have to create a list of bar codes and the agent, each time he starts the round, the application must compare the basic list and the scanned list

Anybody ?

You’ll get better results by asking specific questions. You can’t just ask “how do I build my app?”

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