Security screen with pin number

¿Is it possible to make a security screen that matches a 4 digit number with an user setting and then if it’s valid, continues to the app?

This is for an app that alredy has security filters but I want to add security each time the app starts.

Are you looking some kind of timestamp and then the data is available only for example one hour etc.?

Yes, I’m trying to do something with a Form_View of a table called PinCheck wich contains a Key, EnteredPin, Match (true/false), UserEmail. This, to control the display of views with sensitive data. The formula looks for the lastest Match that resulted as (true) for that user.

But the cancel button will let the user to easily go to the full app.

Am I going in the right direction?

I made another app with a form for the user to enter the pin.
In my main app I setted up the starting view as LINKTOVIEW(“PinForm”, “PinSecApp”) but when I reload the app it doesn’t display the view from the other app.

Finally in my PinSecApp I leave a deep link to my main app LINKTOAPP(“MainApp”) this finally worked well, but the starting view in my Main app doesn’t open the deep link for my Pin checking app.

PD: in my PinSecApp, security login enabled and everyone can login