see data by email

When data is entered with an e-mail address, I want only that e-mail address to see the data entry. how can I do it.

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Hi @ahmet_dastemir

Follow this steps:

  1. Add column in you table name [user_email], and you can give it any name you want example [email].
  2. after that go to Data>Slices use this Expression


  1. From UX Chose your view what you want, from data use your slice with the Expression
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thank you

Steve Coile via AppSheet Creator Community <>, 18 Şub 2021 Per, 19:43 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

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Instead of using CONTAINS() - which is not the most efficient of formulas - use the following:

UserEmail() = [Email]

  • This will be much faster to process.

You can learn more about this from the following post


@MultiTech_Visions Your are correct :slightly_smiling_face: