Seeking to extract a word from a text with 17 characters

I have split an OCRtext with SPLIT into a LIST

Column name: Split Vin Info

SPLIT([Vin Information], "

I then have created multiple references to the list with

Column name example: Split 9
**FORMULA:**INDEX([Split Vin info], 9)

I have a specific word within a the original text that has 17 characters, so i used these breakouts to check which one of these index’es has 17 characters to use that word.

FInal Formula below for the text that should contain 17 characters

Column name is: “Vin Number Split” and formula is below. It says the formula looks right but i am doing something wrong?

LEN([Split 7]) = 17, [Split 7],
LEN([Split 8]) = 17, [Split 8],
LEN([Split 9]) = 17, [Split 9],
LEN([Split 10]) = 17, [Split 10] ,


Is there another way to extract the word that has a character count of 17 within a large text string?

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 11.07.58 AM

Could you please mention what problem you are facing with the expression, even though formula evaluates okay?

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The data for Vin Number appears blank on form submission. It should have referenced the final formula “Vin Number Split”

Are all the columns in the sequence before [Vin Number Split] behaving as expected?

Meaning is the [Split Vin Info] properly splitting the string and are [Split 9] …[Split 10] having the expected indexed list elements?

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I may need to add more split cells, i see the the ones i listed are prepolulating but not the 17 character, i will get back to you after i add a few more

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