Seems Like a Nice Bug

I don’t think that this is an intended behavior, hence it is a kind of bug, but somehow I can make use of it for sharing notes in our language within expression editor to my team whiles we learning Samples Apps.

How to reproduce:
Place a back-tick (`) in the expression editor at the end of expression or assign (your_long_expression_is_here) then put any notes - expression will still shown as passed (those notes were not being considered as part of calculation).

Here are some samples, I can even place emoji within expression editor:

Those notes are still remains even after close the apps and reload/reopen, and the calculation/result of the expression is the calculating as if there are no notes or other illegal characters.

This bug were discovered using a free Appsheet - Microsoft account with browser Microsoft Edge. I have not test it for any other environments nor in my other account using google.

Personally, I am not sure if I want this bug to be closed, however even a nice bug is still a bug which may lead to something, unless someone is confirming that it is an intended behavior (say for a future feature deployment) or it is save to be utilized as note taking within expression editor.


That’s fun…

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Neat. I hope it is confirmed as intended behavior. I certainly can see the value of having notes attached to expressions as long as they don’t negatively impact the time to process or anything else.

Related feature request:

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I’ve noticed this too. Thanks for sharing it.

I’ve hesitated to use it because I’m worried that it might cause problems later if, as you indicated, it is deemed to be a bug and gets “corrected.”

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Did anyone check this ‘bug’ with support to see if is actually a ‘bug’ rather than a ‘feature’?


Not me. Would you be willing to do so for us, @aucforum?

Little point. Its only going to make the comment at the end of the expression. You might as well use the description.


I’ve asked about this internally. Let’s see what response I get…


Per the developers, this is not expected, intended, or supported. You are advised to avoid using this quirk. Sorry, folks. :frowning:


thanks for getting that clarified.

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Bummer, it would have been cool to be able to have “commenting”


“It’s a feature not a bug” isn’t that our motto as developers?


Awww man.