Select a name from another table, populate with key in current table

I think this is a relatively basic request but I could not find an existing post on it.

I have two tables, a child table and a parent table, these are linked via a parent_id. I want an end user to be able to just use a drop-down/search to change their parent using the parent name from the parent table but when you submit the form, it updates the parent_id on the child table.

How do you do this in Appsheets?

What have you tried?

I am asking the question because I don’t know what to do. So I can’t answer “what have I tried”.

Bump, is there no way to do this in appsheets/no material anyone can send my way to figure out how to do this? I would have thought this would be a pretty normal operation in a data entry app.

For anyone else searching this topic down the line, this app has provided the most help: School Model