"Select all" for bulk actions

is there any way to select all rows in a slice (or group in a slice) and run a bulk action on all of them?

The application requires users to perfrom an action on the entire slice or group of rows in a slice all at once, so this would be much better than having them check off every single row before running the action.


To my knowledge, there is no “select all” option in multi-select mode. If the set of rows can be described by an expression, you could create an action to apply to the list the expression generates.

Thanks Steve,

The rows can definitely be described by an expression as they are already grouped in a slice - how could i achieve this?

You could use an action of type Data: execute an action on a set of rows with a Referenced Table of the table on which the slice is based, a Referenced Rows expression that produces the keys of the rows in the slice, and a Referenced Action of the action you want applied to each row.

Note that you’ll have to find somewhere to surface the button for this bulk action, and it cannot be an overlay on a deck, gallery, or table view, unfortunately.

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