Select Attachment Template By Name

Hi all,

Is there some way for me to select a google doc template to attached to my email using the document name rather than the document id?

I need to do this because the template that is attached to the email is not set but varies according to who it’s being sent to. Each column in my spreadsheet has the name of the google foc template to use for each row of data but I don’t know how to select the templates dynamically.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hello @EFcoder, welcome to the community !

Sadly right now there’s no way to dinamically select an attachment template from within an automation email task, but you could create a task for each different template that you’re using, and then setting the conditions that would trigger only one of them in each time.


Thank you Rafael, that’s really helpful.

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I’ve managed to get my app working by creating a separate task for each template as Raphael recommended. However, with 192 individual templates to wade through, I must say its quite a tedious approach.

The app I’m building is for a school. The templates are the 192 different assignments that the students must present during the course. Each assignment is different so the templates are all different.

Feature request.

I’d like to be able to specify the name of the folder where the templates are stored.

Then there could be a restriction that the names of the files in the template should not be duplicated.

Then I could select each file dynamically by matching it to a column in my table called ‘Template Name’ or something like that.

Likewise, it would be good if Processes had an option to loop through Tasks, rather than having to attach each Task individually.

I love appsheet, but these two additions to the platform would save me a huge about of work. :grinning::champagne:

Thanks for considering this request.

Anyway, must dash, I still have 137 Tasks to duplicate and attached to my Process🥺

Thanks again.

I’d advise utilizing Template Ifs so that you only create a single Bot, with a single template. That single template can then contain 192 separate sections, each wrapped in its own template if.


Thanks for this suggestion. I’ll definitely try this solution later today.

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