Select data source based upon user input

Hey, I’m new to AppSheet. I want to build a scheduling app that has pre-configured schedules behind the scenes at Smartsheet. Each schedule would be a different data source. So the UX flow would be choose an event either from a drop down or enter the eventId and then go into the data source and choose an available slot to schedule yourself.

Is this possible?

Hi @timbruzelius! Welcome to the forum!

I haven’t used Smartsheet but if I were to do something similar to what you are describing on Google sheets I might choose to put all of the data together in one sheet. Then, inside the app, only the information relevant to the user could be filtered out using something called a slice. I’m not sure if there are other workarounds besides what I have just described. I hope people who know of other methods will chime in.

P.S. Whether or not you need to be able to write to the records (as opposed to just reading them) may be relevant to this inquiry. If you only need to be able to read, other options may be available.

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