Select() does not return rows


I have two tables.

First, SalesInvoices and second one is, SalesShipment.

SalesInvoices has a column (datatype: text) having list of SalesShipments against the SalesInvoice. This list is comma seperated. This list is created in google sheet using some formulas for each row.

Now, I have created a new virtual column in table SalesInvoices with the following formula.


Now, this works fine if the list of saleshipments has only one value but fails if the list has multiple values separated with a comma.

I guess i am doing something wrong which i am not able to arrest.

Please advise.

Your requirement is not clear.

However, in general it sounds that you may need to flatten the comma separated list that you are calling by the argument [_THISROW].[ShipmentCodes] by using SPLIT()

Maybe something like SPLIT([_THISROW].[ShipmentCodes], ", ")

Please take a look at the following article and posts


Noted. I will try with your option.

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Perfect. I got the result i was expecting.