SELECT expression omitting values in a list

Good Day,

I am racking my brain to try and figure out why my SUM(Select expression is not returning the correct value.

Here are the values the expression returns in AppSheet…

But as you can see when we look at the DB there are several values that are omitted, and it stops assessing as the 13th row

It is not a duplicate issue within the SELECT statement as it does return some duplicates (I also toggled the Expression from TRUE to FALSE just to see).

Any ideas would be appreciated

Hello @Elijah_Magrane

Are you sure it’s not a SELECT thing? all SUM does is sum, could you please remove the SUM function from the expression and check if the SELECT returns all the rows that you desire to sum?

Yes, my mistake it is more of an issue with the SELECT statement; it is not returning the list in its entirety

Did you check the [Receiving id] for the rows that are omitted?, the category field looks ok from here, but do check if there are any aditional spaces there as well please

Yeah, that was one of the first things I checked. There is no difference in the field from the ones omitted.
I also verified other lists and there are results omitted as well. Not always as many but they are absent

I see, can you try disabling all filters on your google sheets database? rows hidden by those won’t be visible for your app

Unfortunately, no change with GSheet filters on or off

Hmmm im running low on ideas at this point, could you try deleting the extra parenthesis in your select expression?


I don’t really think that could be the cause, but you never know.

I would consider sending a mail to at this point.

Also i’m calling for backup @Steve

Hmm that doesn’t actually reflect the expression in the field

RM In Out[Balance],
[Receiving Id]=[_THISROW].[Receiving Id],
[Category]=“WIP Out”

I think it might be an artifact from testing the function. Thanks for your help though. I will fire off an email to