Select fields in the data entry / update "_Form" view

I have a list of project tasks, which are shown in a view “Open Tasks”. The Open Tasks view is a “Table” type view. I have a slice this form is based on, also called “Open Tasks”.

  1. In the View “Open Tasks”, I have a Task Owner field that the user enters, which is an Email field type. I have created a virtual field for Task Owner as well that is a Name type field. I have both as in the main table view, I want to see the email icon that a user can click on. I also want to show the full email so at a glance you can see who owns the task. This all works OK.

  2. I click on a record in the table view of Open Tasks and an automatically generated “_Detail” view is shown. I can edit the shown columns in the automatically generated “_Detail” view and choose not to show my virtual task owner column. As in this view Appsheet shows both the email field content and the email icon next to it. This all works OK.

  3. My challenge. I click on the edit icon in the above “_Detail” view and the app shows and automatically generated “_From” view. This view uses the columns from the slice, which is fine for the table view. However, it includes the now redundant virtual task owner field. The virtual task owner field is only useful in the table view. It has no value and does not look user friendly in the data entry / update “_Form” view. I cannot control which columns are shown in the “_Form” view.

My question. How do manage what is shown in the “_Form” view?

Please ignore.
I have kept searching for a solution:

I have added tot he Show If property fot eh virtual owner column:
(CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “form”)