Select from a dropdown and return a predefined or a user defined values

Hi there!

Hope someone can help me as I have been struggling with this for days.

I am trying to create an app that will calculate the volume of a package.

There are 5 different packages i.e. A, B, C, D and E.
The user will see a dropdown (ENUM) and select the Package.
The user can only choose one type of Package.
When the package is selected, the corresponding Volume is captured.


For A, B and C, the Volume is known and is fixed. See the above table.

However, if the user selects either D or E, an input field should appear, where the user can enter any value. This user defined value is then captured instead.

Thank you.

Initial Value expression for Volume:

		{"A" , "B" , "C"},

Thank you so much Levent. I will try it out.

You’re welcome