Select from a list conditioned by a select

I need help with the following expression:

I have a table of contacts which column B is a enum with 2 possible choices (Client and Employee) and Column D = to list of companies which is a REF to another table (where our company “Ecolgroup” is also listed).
I would like that one someone is editing or inserting a new contact and select “Employee” as the enum choice of column B, our company is automatically selected for column D.
How should I write the expression and where?


For the Valid if expression for the Column D column, try:

  ("Employee" = [Column B]),

replacing ref-table with the name of the the other table containing the list of companies, and key-column with the name of the key column in that other table.

Then, set the Initial value expression for that same column to:

  ("Employee" = [Column B]),

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