SELECT() from multiple tables with different criteria

Hi there,
I have an issue. I keep trying to connect these SELECT() expressions and cannot find the way. I know how to write a select() with multiple conditions but only for one table. The question is how to write a select() for multiple tables? Is there any way to connect those expressions (below) or maybe to write one select() :open_mouth:

SELECT(Komentarze[Email];[ID wiadomoƛci (VC)]=TEXT(Wiadomoƛci[ID wiadomoƛci]);FALSE)

SELECT(Wiadomoƛci[Email];[ID wiadomoƛci (VC)]=TEXT(Wiadomoƛci[ID wiadomoƛci]);FALSE)

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I cannot believe that “+” is the solution :open_mouth:
Thanks Steve

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