Select function display wrong

(Hyman van Zyl) #1

Hey guys,
In this image you can see on the right in the app preview there is two tables. Both show entries but if you look at the ‘view’ button the one show ‘0’ and the other ‘1’. The 0 and 1 are the correct amount of entries supposed to be in the tables according to the ‘IN’ expression I used to select the entries for these tables. But why is it displaying all the entries and not only the filtered ones?
These are the expressions I used: SELECT(Reconcile Transactions[_RowNumber],NOT(IN([Amounts],[List Transactions])))
SELECT(Transactions[TransactionID],AND([Account]=[_THISROW].[Account],[Date]>=[Statement Transactions Start Date],[Date]<=[Statement Transactions End Date],NOT(IN([Amount],[List Statement Transactions]))))

The lists appears fine, like this: -216.89 , -230 , -24 , -553 , -500 , -1.5 , -500 , -599 , -450

Thank you,

(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

Which image? :slight_smile:

(Hyman van Zyl) #3

(Hyman van Zyl) #4

Any ideas of how to resolve this issue? I see someone else also had a select expression problem using the IN function

(Steve Coile) #5

Looks like a bug to me. Please contact directly.

(Hyman van Zyl) #6

Ok, will do.

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