Select function for date

Hi. I am using ‘ANY(SELECT(Operations_Master_Check[Transfer Date], ([Product Code] = [_THISROW].[Product Code])))’

to pull the transfer date value into a field in another table but it keeps returning blank and I am not sure why.

Could someone advise?

Thank you.

Thanks @Lynn. Originally I had it as you suggested but that didn’t work so I copied a sample from the Expression Help page on the Appsheet site but am getting the same null value.

Yeah sorry I just realised it should probably still work as you had it.
Do you get any errors? What do you get when you “test” the expression?

No errors, just null values for all 999 records listed when I test the expression.

Try replacing this:

([Product Code] = [_THISROW].[Product Code])

with this:

([_THISROW].[Product Code] = [Product Code])

Thank you @Steve for the suggestion but still returning the same null value.

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Hmmm… Have you tried using Test in Expression Assistant? Does it give the same result?

Are the Product Code columns in the two tables the same column type?

Are you sure there is at least one matching Product Code column value?

Are you sure the Transfer Date column value of the matching row is not blank?

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Based on your reply I dug a little deeper and it looks like the Security Filter on one of the tables was contradicting what I was trying to achieve here.

Thank you.