Select Function Issue

Hello All,
I have a request. Please help me with this.
I have three tables

  1. Stock In (Fabric In
    2.Current Stock
    3.Stock Out (Daily Production FormProduction)

I have made a selection and sum expression from some column which matches the _thisrow (Current Stock)

Fabric Stock In[Quantity In], AND
([Company Name]= [_THISROW].[Company Name],[Fabric Dia]=[_THISROW].[Fabric Dia],[Fabric Colour]=[_THISROW].[Fabric Colour]
))) -SUM(
Daily Production Form[Kilogram / Pcs], AND
([Company Name]= [_THISROW].[Company Name],[Fabric Type]=[_THISROW].[Fabric Type],[Fabric Dia]=[_THISROW].[Fabric Dia],[Fabric Colour]=[_THISROW].[Fabric Colour]

I have used AND function. I think we should use this IF function Beasue Dia Column Does not match but it showing the same value. I’m totally confused, anyone please help me.

Hey @AbdulNavas, welcome to the community.

First: you might check out the following post; it’s full of tons of helpful tips to help you get stared with using the community to find answers.

I would suggest that you investigate references, they’ll help reduce the formula work you’ll have to do.

To specifically answer your question and help with the formula, check out the documentation on SELECT():

  • you’ll need to use column names from both tables in order to make it work *(it looks like you’re using the same columns from the same table for your SELECT() formula.


It’s not a good idea to have special characters in your column names, just fyi.


Thanks @MultiTech_Visions I will check it.

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