Select item from enum based on selection from another enum column

I have 2 enum columns: Equipment Type and Attachment Type.

Equipment Type has 2 options:
1 - Skidsteer
2 - Mill

Teeth Type has 4 options:
1 - 6ML
2 - 6L
3 - 6HR
4 - Bit Planer

If Equipment Type=“Skidsteer,” I want Teeth Type to default to “Bit Planer,” and if Equipment Type=“Mill,” I want to show the first 3 enum options (6ML, 6L, 6HR). Seems like this could be easy enough but my mind grapes are not functioning today…

Thank you, in advance.

(All the options in both enum columns were manually entered and are not validif).

in the column for Teeth Type, you can set the Valid_If property to the following expression:

SWITCH([Equipment Type],
    "Skidsteer", {"Bit Planer"},
    "Mill", {"6ML", "6L", "6HR"}
    {"6ML","6L", "6HR", "Bit Planer"}  

I haven’t testes this but should work if I got the syntax right so let me know if you have any issues.



Thank you so much, John!