Select item from ref list depending on user


Would appreciate som help with an expression.

I have a REF list in a form and would like to have a name from that selected depending on the user logged in. I have a field called user that logs USERMAIL() as initial value. I also need to be able to change that name if form is filled on behalf of another user.

Have been trying to use SELECT without luck.

Any help is appreciated.

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If its an enum list you’ll need to add something to the Valid If like:


If not there wont be any options to choose from, even current user

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Hi, its not a enum its a standard list with ref to another table that contains the users.

In the Select statement is Navn the key?

Navn is Key yes, but also tried without having it as key.

SELECT() returns a List:

You want a column value from just a single row. Try LOOKUP() instead:

So I have a table with users and would like to select a name from this list when user add a new entry. But I also want the user to be able to select another name if needed.

When using ANY(SELECT(Brukere[Navn], ([User] = USEREMAIL()))) it will only add new name to list.

Use SELECT() (without ANY()) in the suggested values expression, then optionally use LOOKUP() or ANY(SELECT(...)) in the initial value expression to provide a default choice.

Thats what I have been doing, but then I get this

Please reread my suggestion.

Sorry @Steve, missed out on selected values.
But when using LOOKUP in initial value get stuck with this

I encourage you to read the LOOKUP() help page I posted above. I have no idea why [_THIS] even occurs in your expression.

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