Select items by comparing lists of dates


I have a question and would appreciate some help.
I have an ERGO table in which I have a virtual column DATES1 as a list of different dates.
In another CHECKS table I also have a virtual column DATES2 as a list of dates.
What I want is to select only the raws from the ERGO table where no date from the virtual column DATES1 will be in the list of dates in the virtual column DATES2 from the CHECKS table
What expression can I use to make this choice?



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Thanks Steve
I have this error message
“INTERSECT: both lists must be of the same type.”

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What are the types of the DATES1 and DATES2 columns? EnumList? List? Lists of what? Date? DateTime?

Type: List
Element type: List

Type: List
Element type: Date

DATES1 is a list of lists? Why? What is the type of the elements of the internal list?

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It collects various dates where

[DATES] in the table ERGO is
Type: List
Element type: Date

I use it again in an another virtual column in another table for comparing this with other data
In this second use [DATES] is a list of lists.

It’s complicated.

Nevermind, I will use the data with different form and I will escape this problem

Thank you again Steve

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