Select multiple columns

it is possible to select with multiple columns?

“SELECT(lista de Preço[Cliente],[Nome Serviço],[ID Descarte],([cliente] = [Parceiro Negocio]), TRUE)”

“SELECT(Table[Column1],[Column2],[Column3],[Column4],([Column1] = [Column5]), TRUE)”


Hi Steve.

is there anything like that i can use?

What are you trying to accomplish with four values at once?

show this way, only the colors corresponding to the condition.

I do not know if i was clear

It appears you want to use the combined text of the four column values as choice labels in a dropdown menu. To do this, you’ll need to generate the combined value in a separate column (commonly a virtual column), then find a way to display that generated value in the dropdown.

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Thanks for the help Steve.

I created a select looking for the concatenated list

SELECT(Lista de Preço[Codigo], ([cliente] = [Parceiro Negócio]), True)

Where Table"Lista de Preço" shows the concatenated virtual column

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