Select() not finding record when working offline

I have an App that I need to work in offline mode. I have a ANY(Select(… expression that doesn’t seem to work offline.

Testing procedure in browser
1 = Created a record when online
2 = Let App automatically upload the changes. After about 20secs the virtual column it finds the record ID

Testing procedure in Android App
1 = Deleted previous record in spreadsheet
2 = Go into App and do a sync
3 = Put phone in airplane mode
4 = Created an identical record as above
5 = Sync shows 1 item queued
6 = Virtual column never finds the new record

Any ideas?

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Virtual columns (except for a row in a form or a row being modified by an action) are calculated by the server during a sync. If you’re offline, virtual columns will not be updated (as I understand it). So it’s not that the SELECT() isn’t finding the row, it’s that the SELECT() isn’t running.

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Hi Steve

But when the app is running in online mode, these virtual columns update fine without performing a sync. As in I don’t have to click the sync button.

Syncs do occur in the background, but not necessarily immediately, without tapping the sync button.

So when offline it will EVENTUALLY update?

I honestly don’t know if VCs update at all when offline.

@Aleksi, can you shed any light here?

If I remember correctly virtual columns are calculated only inside of the same table or related records.

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