Select the last/latest date in a table (rows)

Hi, can anyone help:
I designed an audit app. The table “Audits” contains columns “Site Name”, “Audit Date (Datetime)”, “Location (LatLong)”, “Audit status” etc. With some yes/no questions. The audits are displayed in a map.
Several sites needs to be audited per day. Sometimes one Site needs more audits on one day. I need to report the last/latest audit per site, so not the previous audits at the same day. Only the last/latest audit per site is relevant on that typical day. On maps all the audits are displayed now, but I need only the latest audit displayed on that typical date.
What is the best way to do that? Hope someone can help me.

Create a slice on the Audits table with a row filter expression like the following, then map the slice.

    "Audit Date (Datetime)",
    ([_THISROW].[Site Name] = [Site Name])

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Thank you so much, it works!

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