Select virtual column value from a REF_ROWS


I created a virtual column to sum the time (Total tiempo asignado) from related table

The formula in virtual column (Total tiempo asignado) is (SUM(SELECT(SEGUIMIENTO[TIEMPO ASIGNADO],[RUT]=[_THISROW].[RUT])))

But I need to filter the sum only if [ESTATUS] =‘No disponible’. [ESTATUS] is a virtual column from Seguimiento Table (Type: YES/NO)

I tried to filter in ‘valid if’ using IN(‘No’,Seguimiento[estatus]) but it did not work

desired result is 100% not 200% in [Total tiempo asignado]

any idea?

Virtual Columns can be included in expressions like any other column. Update your SELECT expression with an AND() and your Virtual Column column like so:


Hi, Thanks

I updated the expression but it not made the sum


Can you show the row data (i.e. spreadsheet) from the Seguimiento table?

Yes, has 22 columns

[ESTATUS] is a virtual column where app formula is

([FIN] < TODAY())

Yes, sorry, I forgot momentarily that it was a Virtual Column. I just wanted to confirm how the values were being written for that column.

I am not seeing anything wrong with expression based on what I know from you.

Since it is a Yes/No column, any combination of “Yes/No”, “Y/N”, true/false or TRUE/FALSE should work as a value to compare against.

I would try changing the value of “No” to FALSE to see if that makes a difference.

How is “Tiempo Asignado” claculated?


Thanks John!

it is working with FALSE