Selected group/cluster to view on map view


how to view selected group of pins/ cluster on Map View (sample: Map1 “consist of 100 pins” ,Map 2 “consist of 77” so on and so on…,) if I selected specific Group/Cluster Pin on map it will only appear the selected. Sample Mapper 1 “consist of 100 pins” then it will only appear the selected. Thanks in advance for the answer.


Is there anyone could help me about viewing selected Group of Pins on Maps?

How can I view the selected Route/Scheduled Map (Pin on Map) when I selected “Mapper 1” that consist of 89 pins on map and it will only shows what I’ve selected, not the whole thousand pins? Thank you in advance Sir.

It may not be exactly in one step but in two steps it could be possible to display pins of the selected mapper only.

It sounds that you have grouped the table by a field called something as [Mapper] that has values MAPPER 1, MAPPER 2, …MAPPER10… and so on.

If so,

  1. Please add another group by column "_ROWNUMBER "below mapper field in the table view
  2. please create an action called say “SelectPins” with an expression something like

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Your Map View Name”, [Mapper]=[_THISROW].[Mapper])

  1. Please set this action as Row Selected action in the table view “Route” that you have shown.

Now when you tap on a Mapper in the table view it will take you to another summary view of the selected mapper. If you tap on any row again, you will see the map wiew with pins for that selected mapper only.

Edit: Added link to the relevant help article.


I tried but it doesn’t work Sir. :frowning:

Does it works on you Sir? Can you send a short video so that I can follow and understand of how I can view the map specific of what I selected. Thank you.

Yes, I shared the approach in detail after I tested it on a sample app. Of course my understanding of your requirement could be erroneous.

Could you please share what have you tried with relevant screenshots.


Please see the attached file for your reference.
SAMPLE DATA.pdf (74.3 KB)
Note: Please change the file extension name to “xlsx” i-change it so that I can attached the file.

Here is the view of “Route” that I needed to view on maps with pins when I select (sample)Mapper1 then will only show the selected route with pins on map of Mapper1 only.
Maybe the reason why I can’t follow your procedure is because I don’t know where to input it. Sorry I’m newbie here in appsheets, I’m 1month learning the app when I have free time after my work. I hope you can guide where do I put step by step. Thank you [Suvrutt_Gurjar]