Selecting 1 of 2 views in an action

I have a Work Ticket table with a column for work groups and slices for each group. When a ticket status is updated to complete on a WT Log I can update the main Work Ticket table status but want to have the next workflow action go to the slice view for the specific users’ work group. I don’t see how I can use and IF expression to do this. Or is there another way ?

To be clear, a workflow cannot navigate the user anywhere: a workflow is performed on AppSheet servers, not on the user’s device, and so has no opportunity to navigate the user. An action, though (one not being performed within a workflow), can navigate the user to another view. So what you need is an action attached to a button the user presses, or attached to a form the user completes. Either of those can navigate.

To navigate the user to a particular view within the app, use an action of type App: got to another view within this app, with a Target expression that uses a LINKTO…() function to indicate the desired view. You may use an IF() expression within the Target expression to choose the desired view:

  ("complete" = [status]),
      "Workgroup View"
  LINKTOVIEW("Work Ticket Table")

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Forgot to mention I had an action to another view as part of a workflow already. Just didn’t know how to write an IF statement that would get the results I was after and where to put it. I get your instructions perfectly.

Thanks again.

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