Selecting a Product Based on any one either input ProductCode or ProductName

I am trying to make an inventory system starting fom the given template. What every common app can do is you are allowed to select items to add/remove using barcode or Product name (Anyone of the two should be the option. I added Product name column in the sales table and purchases table.
Now i can get only one field filled from other ( insert barcode and getting Product name using formula or getting barcode from name). But i couldnt get it work both ways even though i tried every option over there and every formula i could think of(using initial value…)
In simple words I want to get Product name when user inputs barcode and get barcode when user inputs product name.
Please Give me some suggestions.

@Steve Pardon me if im unclear. I have already started from a sample app and got stuck in the process which i have mentioned above.
The app ive started with is “the inventory management app”

Hi Susovit,

Did you ever find a solution for this?
I’m trying to do solve the same thing…

Thank you!