Selecting all images that start with certain value

I have a folder of thousands of images in my OneDrive. All images correspond with certain products. Each Product has multiple images. The filenames are constructed of the product name followed by a Sequence number. For example, product A has corresponding images with the file names:


Is there a way that I can have an expression That looks up all images that start with a certain value? Something that would look like

CONCATENATE("/Images/",[Product name], “Any Other Value”)

Doubt this is possible but would love to find a solution that doesn’t require me to create a sheet for the images that the product sheet can reference, but rather just references the images from the folder directly.

Can you explain what the purpose of the concatenated column would be? Image columns will only show a single image so you would need a virtual column per image pre-defined. If you just wish to be able to move from Image 1 to Image 2 to Image 3 then I have a solution for that in one of my apps I can explain.

The purpose of the column would be to include multiple images, so you are correct, and Image type column would definitely not work and concatenate would probably not be an appropriate expression. I would create virtual columns, but each product can have anywhere from 1 to dozens of photos. Yes, please do explain! Maybe it’ll give me the right insight

So I have a solution that allows me to show PDF documents that have been converted to JPG. I have a dashboard with the IMAGE column, note this is a real column with a link but it could theoretically be an int which is the page number, I have a Detail View in a dashboard that has that Image column set as a background there are no other fields in this detail view. I then use 2 buttons on another view to allow the user to change that image link from Image-1.jpg to Image-2.jpg and so on and so forth. I also have it limited so if the image is Image-1.jpg they cant use the previous page.

If this solution works for your purpose I can post code but its pretty long code so best not to if this doesn’t work as not to fill up the thread. This also only works because every image is the same size and they are all jpgs. You could have more than one image type but would need some extra stuff.

The left is my image and the right is for navigation.

Wow. Very interesting and very clever. And very complicated haha. Unfortunately I don’t think this will work for my situation. Thank you though and I could see something like this being helpful in the future!

It’s a very complex and very unnecessary way to avoid having to store the link to all of my images. This way I only have one image link. I don’t believe appsheet has any way of verifying that a link is valid either so you can’t just have image 1-max images columns either since it will display a blank image with a caution triangle in the middle.