Selecting an Enum in a column deletes another column Enum entry

Hi everyone,

using Appsheet to develop an app.
I am struggling with a problem. I have two columns, let’s call them A and B.
Within each column I have set enum (buttons):


When I select “Yes” in column A, it’s all fine. Then, when I select “Yes” in column B, the previously select “Yes” in column A disappears and I see appearing the “Yes” in column B.
Tried many things, but I can’t solve this.

Could you help me?

Thank you.

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Hi, thank you for your suggestions.

A screenshot does not help, it is just as written: when selecting an option in a column by pressing a button, the options selected before through buttons in another column just disappears.
I of course looked for this and if I posted it is due to the fact I have not found another similar post.
Will look again for it.

Meanwhile, if anyone has an idea of what could be the reasons, let me know, thank you.

Hi @Appdev1
We cannot help you if you dont provide us with any information.

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Maybe Show_if expression?
If it disappears, it saves the value as Y anyway on the table?
Have you been playing with dependant dropdown?

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