Selecting an image, equals a score

Appsheet community, great work as always and hoping you can help.

I am wanting to create an app which will be a series of images which equals a score, similar to this image attached.

Advice on the best way to set this up would be much appreciated.

Setup a separate table, with one image and one score per row, with both being selected as a label.

Then make the user-input column a Ref-Type that points to the new image table.

The user will see the image but the score will be saved as their response. This assumes the score values are unique and can be used as the key. You may need to adjust for your use-case if there are repeating values.

See this sample app for an example of using a separate image table to feed a dropdown, then save the key for that image:


You legend. I like this.

Ok, I will see if I can replicate the structure of this to meet my needs.

I maybe back…

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