Selecting data from table based on selected values in form

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I am trying to create an Order Portal app and struck on a situation. I have a table ‘Table1’ which has my list of orders from Customers populated using form (columns - Customer Name, Order Generated Date, Products Ordered, Qty, Order Delivered Date). Now I want another view where my Distributor can view open orders (where Order Delivered Date is null) and select order which he can deliver (based on key Customer Name, Order Generated Date and Product Ordered). Using detail view on Table1, I can update the Order Delivered Date manually, but that is difficult due to large table size. One approach I could think of is where in separate table Table2: Distributor can put Customer Name, Order Generated Date using forms and it will pull Product Ordered and Distributor can assign Delivery Date to it. Is there any way to achive this functionality

If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like you could use a Slice of Table1 and create a new View for your distributor of only orders with blank delivery date. If you wanted the full view of Table1 to be hidden from the distributor, you could use the showIF constraint on that view to hide it from that particular user.

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Thanks for responding. Yes, I can create a slice, however I am not able to update delivery date at bulk in the slice table. I can assign individual date by going into detail view, however that would not be efficient. The approach I am looking for is selecting Customer Name and Order Generated Date using form and I should get list of all Product Ordered. I can select the products which were delivered and submit the form. This way I will have information on Customer, Order Date and Product level which orders were delivered. Is it feasible?


Ok that makes more sense. I had a similar situation where I wanted to assign products in bulk to a production batch.

I am not sure if this is the best solution, but you could create another sheet in google sheets file called VALUES. It would have one row with the following columns

Key Order Generated Date Delivery Date

The distributor would edit this entry with the order date they would like to view and then they could enter in the delivery date that they want to bulk update products with. You could use a dashboard view, having one view being the detailed view of this VALUES table with editable columns. Then you would have a second view which is a slice of your table where ISBLANK([Delivery Date]) and [Order Generated Date] = VALUES[Order Generated Date]. It would be important to not allow Adds to the VALUES table to ensure it only ever has a single row of data.

Now, from the table view of this slice, the distributor could click the checkbox button and select all the products he/she wishes to update with the entered delivery date. You would have a simple behavior assigned to the product rows that sets [Delivery Date] = VALUES[Delivery Date]

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Hi @PeakPerformance,

The approach seems legit however I am not able to achieve it. I have created a sample app and I can share it with you for a look. Can you please share me your ID where I can share the app.


Hi @PeakPerformance,
I was looking for a way to manager a kind of “filter bar”.
Your suggestion works nicely!

Thanks a lot!