Selecting Data Source at "Onboarding Stage"

Is there a way to select the data source at runtime or as a new user starts app for the first time?
I am at the stage of white labelling in order to have a native code app to install. However, it seems that the data source for my app is frozen at compile time.
This will mean that all customers of the app will see the same data.

You might investigate private tables

Are you taking about data partitioning?

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I don’t think so. My App will be used by different customers (Not one organization). If the app appears on iTunes then anybody could download the app and they will see my customers data. Unless I have missed somthing?

My intention was for each customer to have their own google sheet data source. The sheet will be updated from both the app and from a windows based client-server program connected to a live access control system.

That makes sense. I haven;t played with Private tables… maybe @MultiTech_Visions has?

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private tables is the way you want to go here then. The way it works is you establish a template for a table, get the app working and everything like that, and then when a user opens the app… A copy of the data source is made on their own cloud storage provider, containing a copy of all of the data inside the “template sheet.”

the template sheet is really just the sheet that lives on your data source that you use to configure the app. when you enable private tables, whenever a new user opens the app a copy is made for them to start from.