Selecting doc/spreadsheet templates based on dropdown selection

Suppose I want to Create an RFI or Submittal where I have to select and attach multiple files linking to one particular job or activity. For eg:

  1. RCC work- PCC checklist,Reinforcement checklist,Formwork checklist,Pre pour Inspection checklist etc [ My template checklist is in spreadsheet format as it is easy to create compared to doc when it comes to checklist]
  2. Flooring work- Curing checklist, Level Inspection checklist etc
    In other words,I will have a database of templates and I wish to use them as and when applicable based on the Activity I select from my dropdown. I want a attach button to attach the files and then export the pdf to my manager through a approval workflow.

If you need the user to be able to choose which template is used, you’ll have to either:

  1. Setup separate workflows for each template, with appropriately different conditions.
  2. Create a single template file that holds all of the individual templates, separated in groups by template IF expressions.

Can you send me a demo? I dont want to have individual workflows for each activity.I only need to assign templates based on drop down selected activity.