Selecting last row (latlong) for map tracking


the goal of the project is to develop a dog tracking app. the telemetry data is being push to a googlesheet then we need to show the latest location in the application.
i have the following formula to select the most recent row from the sheet.
LOOKUP( MAX(dogtracker1[_ROWNUMBER]), “dogtracker1”, “_ROWNUMBER”, “latlong” )

i can see that this selects the last row but the maps, ref details and forms do not update with the latest data. Is there a way to select the the latest telemetry data than display only that last know location based on the last row ?

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Yep. Create a slice on the dogtracker1 table with a row filter expression like this:

([_ROWNUMBER] = MAX(dogtracker1[_ROWNUMBER]))

Then display the slice using a view type of your choice.

See also:

awesome, thank you Steve! this works and selects the latest row!

what about auto-updating /refreshing the map without pressing the refresh button?

thank you

There is no way for new data recorded in the spreadsheet to be “pushed” to devices that do not yet have it. Syncing the app is the only way to get the latest spreadsheet data.

is there a way to create an action or behavior that syncs the app?

Yah, the sync button in the top-right.

Also note this option:

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