Selecting Multiple Names on Timesheet

Hi, an amateur here who just starting using AppSheet for the first time. There’s been a few solutions to my answers online but i don’t understand it. Any help would be highly appreciated!

I want to be able to select multiple names for timesheet purposes and assigning the same duration of work. I’m able to do so by changing it to Enumlist and changing the base type to “Text”.

However in my excel spreadsheet, the multiple selection is being generated into a single Cell (20 names in one cell). Is there a way to split this and list down one name per cell? Alternatively is this the best way of doing it?

Thank you

As far as I know, there is no scope for listing one name per cell, going by this method.

The best way around this is to create an intermediate sheet that will hold the ‘durations’ against each employee name. Let’s name that sheet as Timesheet. In that timesheet sheet, the employee name column would be the reference from the main employee sheet.

Now in the form that you are using to assign the durations of work for each employee, use a valid_if expression in the picture employee name field, and a field to input the ‘duration’.

Then use an action to mark the ‘duration’ in the timesheet app against the employees that you have selected.

If you are willing to go this way, I can help.

Other people might as well hop in and offer solutions.

I would suggest a ref action whereby, based on the Enumlist, you add multiple rows to a different table but I am not sure if that will work for you.