Selection of types of employees

I have 2 tables, one contains information of employees, (id, Name and Employee position), the other table is supervision, related by the column ID of the table employees and the column employee in the table supervision.
I need to select only one type of employee. I need one list of one type.
How do i do it?

Hi PagHonduras,

make sure you have relationship between both the tables —> REF_ROWS(“Supervision”, “id”)

Create a virtual column list type, and use below formula. It will return the list of Employees.

SELECT(employees[Name],[Employee position], Manager=[Employee position])

Vinit Mishra

Thank you.
I solved my problem, putting a Select () formula in Data Validity.

Select(Empleados[idAsesor], [Puesto]=“Supervisor”)

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@PagHonduras your solution might have worked for now. But there could be few issues with your approach in future, like one is “data inconsistency”.I mean let say,what if “Supervisor” spell changed or removed in spreadsheet? In that case here in the Appsheet formula as well, changes should be done.
So as best approach always read values dynamically from table. Don’t hardcode.
Also another drawback ,I feel in your approach is your formula filter only for a single position of “supervisor”
What if you want to filter dynamically on any of the position to suit your future need?
Those above few points, I want you to consider, otherwise good that you found a solution on your own.