Self Populating Field Issue

I am looking to create timesheet and project labour within my app, where specific time on each project is allocated to a single timesheet for the day, to do this, I need a unique and identifiable field in the timesheet table, that the project labour can reference, and to do this I have created a field in the timesheet table that is populated using the individuals name and date, however, I the name is not populating correctly, only the ID is populating for the individuals name, and the date is not showing as DD/MM/YYYY.

I have attached a screenshot, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 204458

Hi @David2

Please have a look here for date formatting:

For ID, please have a look here:

You may want to use as expression something like:
[IdUser].[Name] & " - " & TEXT([Date],"DD/MM/YYYY")


A Date column’s display format is subject to your device’s locale. Make sure your device’s locale is set correctly.


Thank you for your answers, problem solved.