Self Referring tables dont make a related rows?

I have a table that references itself and isn’t generating a related rows column, is this normal?

Yep. I don’t recall why this is, but there is a reason.

:weary: probably to force prevent someone from accidentally making an infinite loop. Makes since but :ok_hand: slightly bothered. Could probably just bring a copy of the table and reference table 1 from table 2 and table 2 from table 1 to get the effect I want. Or just make the actual formulas instead of being lazy and wanting related rows.

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Can I still de-reference it though? Even if it doesn’t make a related rows? @Steve


Well that’s at least 58% of the reason I want it! Sweet!

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You know you can make your own “Related…” VC, right?

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I have a setup similar to yours and had to create my own virtual column with REF_ROWS formula pointing to the same table. Although it would have been nice had Appsheet created this itself like it does with other REF type columns, but it did not take much effort at all.


i did not

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