Self-refreshing spreadsheet

Will Appsheet support a self refreshing excel file? For example I have a sheet containing live stock data will this still refresh when put in Appsheet?


The app will pull in whatever data values are in the spreadsheet everytime it syncs. Syncs occur manually, when you open the app, every 30 minutes, when a change is made, etc (all according to options in Behavior->Offline/Sync)

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Maybe for excel file if the self refreshing was not considered as someone is opening the excel file. It will be interesting to see, have you tried this @Chris_Fisher?

One thing to remember… for example if you use NOW() expression in gSheet, yes it’s updating the sheet but it’s actually a virtual update on your screen. This is not happening on the backend and you are not able to see the update happening on your app because it’s not updated through API. Same is happening for example with financial expressions.


Not directly. The changes to the spreadsheet will only become visible to AppSheet when AppSheet initiates an interaction with the spreadsheet, such as during a sync. Notably, the live stock data will not trigger workflows, will not prompt a sync of the app to occur, and your app’s users won’t have a “live” view of the stock data. AppSheet’s design does not allow for real-time data updates.

The following docs might provide a better sense of how AppSheet keeps data fresh:

Also @Heru refers to an issue discussed here: